Vocals and Lyrics

I love collaborating and listening for lyrics, rhythms, melodies and harmonies on other peoples compositions. I have worked with a range of individuals and bands over the years. Please make contact if you are looking for a versatile vocalist or are just stuck with any of the above. Rates vary according to project type. Listen for vocal & lyrical quality on iTunes or Soundcloud below.

In October 2016, I committed to a 30 day songwriting challenge with myself. The idea was to release something raw and unedited every day via YouTube & Facebook. I wanted to take a stand against the crippling effects of perfectionism and performance in creativity, to encourage and inspire others who were struggling…and to heed the call to come out of hiding and rise and shine.

I also hosted a songwriting group in my home over a 2 year period,  and the effects of intentionally providing a safe and nurturing space for hearts to come out of hiding and allow creativity to flourish were so rewarding and fruitful. Collaboration and family is key!