Adrian’s Song

…The music for this song was composed by a friend of mine, Adrian Rogowski. He came up with the riff and I got a lyrics download shortly after. It’s really just a call to becoming childlike and soft in our romantic relationships again, to return to the beauty and simplicity of a “first love” experience and to replace cynicism with hope, excitement and expectancy.
The chorus is an expression of my joy in having found that kind of love after having almost given up hope in ever finding it.
My favourite lines in the songs are “Cos love’s Heaven sent and I’m bent on being loved like Helen of Troy” – I believe the desire to play the leading lady in an epic adventure love story is a common theme in the hearts of women. 
“These battle scars have touched the stars, I’m calling on a new day” speaks of personal wounding in the realm of romantic relationship and that my healing and redemption have come through a touch from Heaven…“He who sat on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things NEW”

(Revelation 21:5)…